Entrance to Katz Flagship Gallery in Mexico City
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I care about beauty. I care about what it gives us, what it represents. The famous psychologist Abraham Maslow described the hierarchy of human needs as going from the most basic (such as food, sleep and shelter) up to self-actualization at the top of the pyramid. Beauty, to me, is self-actualizaiton. It is the highest form of human expression. It is our way to connect with Spirit, where Spirit is that part of us that transcends us and makes us look towards the infinite.
What I present here, my work, is my understanding of beauty. My take on what is beautiful, what is unique, what moves me. That is the primary determinant. As such my work has no overt meaning. It is not really a discourse on anything. Although if I had to chose something it would be on the strangeness of being able to simulate alternate worlds inside a computer.
For me the work is about a search for truth, and the many different expressions it can take  on a journey inside alien universes. My tools are digital simulations. My ideal is for a constant search for beauty. My quest is for you to touch the infinite, if only for a brief moment, while contemplating art.

--Isaac Katz



I feel compelled to write a bit about myself so that poeple who might have more than a cursory interest in my art could have a bit more to dig their teeth into.
I became fascinated with creating art with the computer in college, immediately seeing the amazing and hitherto unexplored possibilities it offered as a creative medium.
Although I dabbled in finance for a bit afterwards, I have been developing my technique, called 'Perceptivism' and creating art with the computer ever since.
My process is simple, I use the computer as a traditional artist might use the brush, or a sculptor clay. It is a tool. It is an infinite tool at that. Instead of paints I have simulations run in parallel worlds. Instead of clay I have algorithms determine how light bends through an invented material, or how a piece of cloth might flutter in an unknown atmosphere. At the end of the day, it is simply my tool of choice for creative expression, and I believe that’s what’s important.

It is rather unfortunate for me that the state of contemporary art is what it is today. I can often hear an imaginary art dealer or gallery owner saying something along the lines of ‘your tables are nice, but if you had a goat fucking a monkey on top of them, then you’d really have something’..
As I have no interest in dissecating animals of any kind having intercourses on my tables, or of doing anything remotely controversial or political as social commentary, I remain relatively unknown.

That is fine by me, so long as I am able to reach the people who might truly appreciate and show an interest in my art. This website and my instagram account are a key part of that.

I leave you with a short piece of writing I did which might shed some more light on what motivates my art and myself as an artist - a search of the unknown, and a sense of awe and wonder at what I find in it.

Infernum Marble Complete.jpg